Are the Miners on the Verge of a Correction or About to Go Parabolic?

by Avi Gilburt
Gold Seek

I never suggest trading on emotion, yet the “fears” I expressed last week may be developing as the reality on the ground. With the continued strength this past week seen in the miners, one has to question whether the more immediately bullish “green count” is what is in play, with us heading directly to the 40 region without any further 2nd wave retracements.

While I still would prefer to see an appropriate wave ii correction take hold, the market does not care about what I “prefer,” so we have to follow the market’s lead rather than fight it. Remember, we don’t control the market, and despite what most believe, no one does. But, the market does provide clues that we need to follow, even if it does not meet with our ideal expectations.

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