50-Year Market Veteran Discusses What’s Next After One Gold & Silver Index Soars 135% In Just Over 3 Months!

from King World News

With the U.S. dollar trading lower once again and the metals consolidating recent gains, today a 50-year market veteran discussed what’s next after one gold and silver index soars 135% in just over 3 months!

Eric King: “You have to be very careful not to simply use the COT Report (on gold and silver) because it can be a fairly good timing tool on the way down, at bottoms — and it’s not perfect at that, but on the way up it’s very difficult. And I know we’ve had a lot of people calling tops, and these (calls) were at much lower prices.

And the problem with calling those tops is that the commercial COT Report, it’s not going to give you those answers that easy.

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