US To Paint New Pictures On Its Dying, Barbarous Relic of a Currency

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

In a letter to the American tax slaves, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew “the Loon” has presented his plan to replace some of the images on the dwindling $20, $10 and $5 Federal Reserve Notes. Slave emancipator, Harriet Tubman, will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20, leaders of the suffrage movement will go on the $10 and images of the Lincoln Memorial will go on the $5.

You’d think with the US government being $19 trillion in debt they’d have bigger priorities than artwork.

The US can’t pay what it owes any more than its indebted citizens can. Something like 50 million are on food stamps and most of the rest don’t have a dollar in the bank to tide them over once things get worse. And they will. Just wait until the dollar crashes for good.

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