US, Europe, Asia, South America, Every Economy Crashing! – Michael Snyder of Economic Collapse Blog

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01:20 World Depression, Europe’s Crash, Greece, Spain, Italy
07:00 South America: Brazil, Venezuela Collapsing Fast
08:00 Venezeula has Food Shortages and 700% Inflation
09:50 China & Japan’s Economies Slowing
14:30 Stock Market Bubble, US Economy Stagnating, Potential Negative GDP
16:50 How to Prepare in Current World Depression
18:20 Have an Emergency Fund to Weather 2 months with Zero Income
19:00 Another 2008-Like Crash Happening Only Worse, Unemployment Rising
22:10 How will the Future Look at this Current Collapse? 20-30 Year Timeline
26:10 Michael’s New Book: The Rapture Verdict

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