Still Report #828 – Trump Might Hit 1400 by June 7

from Bill Still

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According to the latest Republican primary delegate counts, Donald Trump could hit 1400 delegates committed to him on the first ballot at the July Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
Trump only needs 1237 to win the nomination on the first ballot.
Last Tuesday, Trump won an unpredicted 111 of the possible 119 bound delegates in the 5 northeastern states that voted.
Trump has just turned the tables in Oregon as well. Polling out this morning, according to the Oregonian, shows that Trump is now leading Cruz by a 43 to 26% margin. Kasich trails with 17 percent.
Trump’s “favorability” rating is soring too – up to 49% among Republicans, with Cruz falling to 42% and Kasich at 34%.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.