Still Report #824 – Carly Fiorina – One More Time

from Bill Still

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I’m happy I get to talk about Carly Fiorina one more time before she shuffles off the American political stage forever, along with her new-found friend, Calgary Ted, Man-Without-A-Country Cruz.
Ted Cruz yesterday, with great fanfare, named Fiorina as his VP running mate.
I’ve done several stories on Carly. In retrospect, I still stand by them all. I’ll put them back up in the next few days as we run up to the critical Indiana primary, but today I just want to hit three points I have not hit before – for my own future reference if nothing else – just in case Carly ever rears her head again.
First off, Carly defends her stay at Hewlett Packard – HP – but just about everyone else does not. In 2010, when she ran against Senator Barbara Boxer in California, Boxer ran this devastating ad against her:
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a full professor in the Practice of Management at Yale University was interviewed by MSNBC and this is what he said about the ad:
He made some other comments about Carly that are particularly telling as well:
While Carly was still in the race, a paid analyst, Joe Shumate, was found dead of a heart attach while analyzing poll numbers for the campaign.
He was owed a final paycheck of $30,000, but Fiorina refused to pay Shumate’s family despite multiple entreaties by one former campaign manager to make good on the debt.
Now here is the third item – the famed “Mother Bear” defense of swashbuckling lover-boy Calgary Ted.
Old political hands know that when infidelities are uncovered during a campaign there is a certain diversionary way to handle it.
Here are the steps:
1. Hide the spouse,
2. Delete Social Media, 3. have a female spokesperson there to intercept any embarrassing questions of the candidate. Why? Women seem to cool the flames of allegations of infidelity better; and
4. deny, deflect and deny some more.
After the National Enquirer / Ted Cruz sex scandal story hit the streets a month ago, you saw Carly Fiorina play the perfect foil for protecting Ted Cruz.
Once you know what’s going on, this scene just becomes unbearably creepy.
Insiders say that these two can’t stand each other. So why are they now bonded together for the remaining few weeks of the campaign?
Well, before Fiorina dropped out of the race after the New Hampshire primary in early February, there was that little dustup when her campaign was the beneficiary of an unprecedented, secret $500,000 gift from a Ted Cruz Super PAC.
The Federal Election Commission has since written the Cruz campaign demanding to know what the — at least unusual — gift was all about.
The Cruz team has refused to answer adequately. However, one of the five women implicated by the National Enquirer story is said to have been Fiorina’s campaign manager, Sarah Flores.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.