Still Report #810 – Gov Scott Walker Says He Can Support Trump

from Bill Still

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided to keep the commitment he and all the other candidates made – except for Donald Trump – at the first debate to support the eventual nominee of the party.
“I will support the Republican running against Hillary Clinton in the fall — whoever that is,” Walker said at a news conference in Wisconsin on Wednesday morning.
Then in a follow-up question a reporter pressed further:
‘Even if Trump is the nominee?”
“Yeah. To me, I think it’s preferable to have a Republican nominee over Hillary Clinton. I think there’s a lot of distress not only amongst Republicans and independents, but I think part of Bernie Sanders’ support is because a lot of young voters, in particular, don’t trust her.”
Sanders supporters are making brief appearances in the comments section of the Still Report on a much more frequent basis. They are trying to decide if Trump is an acceptable alternative to Clinton.
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