Still Report #806 – Even Ben Carson Beat Cruz in New York

from Bill Still

Yes, as strange as it seems, even Ben Carson beat Ted Cruz in New York in the 16th Congressional District.
For some reason Carson’s name was still on the ballot. Perhaps it was just an oversight; perhaps ballots had already been printed; who knows.
But in any case, Ben Carson, a guy who pulled out the race weeks ago, got 12% of the vote for a 3rd place finish and Ted Cruz came in dead last with only 10%.
And finally the Trump campaign is highlighting one of the most dramatic indicators of just who is kidding who in this campaign. Those of us who have gone to Donald Trump rallies know it’s an overwhelming experience. The crowds are gigantic, but Ted Cruz crowds have been typically lucky to be 10% as large.
Now, they have shrunk even further. Last night in Philadelphia, Cruz held a rally and only 22 people showed up. Here are the comparison pictures.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.