Spinning The Yarn

by Turd Ferguson
TF Metals Report

Another one of Mother Fellen’s Tea & Doily Parties begins today amidst a haze of economic collapse and negative interest rates. Just last week, Mother held three unscheduled meetings with her Goons and she even visited the brain trust at The White House. So the question becomes, might Mother have some surprises up her sleeve when the Fedlines are released tomorrow?

I mean, for crying in a bucket. At some point there has to be some sort of mainstream acknowledgement of just how lousy things are…right? Seriously, how can this stuff be continually downplayed and overlooked? How many goons and shills can CNBS and BBG roll onto their airwaves to disingenuously assure everyone that “Q2 will surely see a rebound”? The Economic Disaster du Jour comes to us this morning listed as Durable Goods for the month of March:

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