Robert Kiyosaki: Why the Ultimate Stock Market Crash Will Begin in 2016

from Follow the Money


In this segment, Christian economist Jerry Robinson is joined by author/investor Robert Kiyosaki to discuss why he believes the biggest stock market crash in history could likely begin this year! (Actually, Robert made his prediction about 2016 being the beginning of a massive stock market collapse way back in 2002. The prediction appears in a book he wrote 14 years ago entitled Rich Dad’s Prophecy.) In this fascinating interview, Kiyosaki tells Jerry why he has pulled all of his money out of the stock market and provides compelling reasons why the stock market is likely to implode later this year.

He also explains how America’s financial and tax systems are rigged for the benefit of the “rich.” The solutions Robert offers require you to know the “rules” of the economy.

Not the “textbook” version…
Not the “ideal” version…
But the real version, in all of its crony capitalistic glory.

Modern attempts at bending natural economic law will distort and finally destroy the economy. Robert is among a rare breed of men who are able to harness power over our modern upside-down economy simply by understanding the “rules” of the game. He is the 1%… and he got there on his own.

In his books, he explains in layman’s language how he and his wife Kim raised themselves up from homelessness (living out of their car) to what is now an estimated net worth of $80 million. His unique rags-to-riches story, while controversial at times, has stood the test of time. Enjoy the interview with the world’s best-selling personal finance author, Robert Kiyosaki.

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