My Response to Bob Moriarty

by Bill Holter

In response to my article yesterday The Chances Of A COMEX Default… (Public Article), Bob Moriarty decided to respond and attack me personally in this article He claims me to be a “GURU” (an insult according to him), a fool, a bad writer with poor grammatical skills (I agree), with poor logic …and a liar. To start, calling someone a “liar” is a very big leap because it means there is an “intent to deceive” as opposed to just being wrong or even stupid. Moriarty says I “feed people’s fantasies” to entice them to subscribe to our newsletter which is now one month old. I wonder had I written the article over a month ago when all of my work was public what he would have claimed my motives to be? Many have read my work since 2007 at and dozens of other sites, does anyone see a shift in my logic since those days in order “fool subscribers”?

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