Precious Metals 100% Chance to Skyrocket – Gregory Mannarino Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends

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01:00 Introduction to Gregory Mannarino
01:20 Silver’s Recent Bull Run, Market Could Crash in Next Few Weeks
04:20 Federal Reserve Causing Stock Market Bubble Backed by Debt Bubble
05:00 Greg on Market Top Last Year & Coming Crash
07:20 Will Stocks Hyperinflate as Dollar Collapses?
11:00 Deflation vs Inflation in a Collapse Scenario, Velocity of Money 40 Year Low
15:30 The Crash Will Happen: Stocks, Bonds & US Dollar
16:40 Can Gold/Silver be Manipulated Back Down from Here?
18:20 How have Elites Profited from Stock Market Rise

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