The Latest Cute Mobile Scheme

by Karl Denninger

If you’re wondering what sort of robbery you’re being subjected to by the major cell carriers when it comes to individual plans, you need wonder no more.

I’ve written several times on T-Mobile’s game with “individual” .vs. “family” plans, and how they outrageously discriminate against single individuals. $70 for something that costs less than half that if you buy four lines is flat-out ridiculous.

But it doesn’t end there. Oh no. The newest is a system of “business line” resellers. You need a bona-fide business to sign up with these; an FEIN or some other evidence of actually running a business — but if you have that the pricing is flat-out nuts.

Try $35 for just over 4Gb of data and unlimited voice and text monthly, or as little as $22 if you only need 1Gb!

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