Gundlach Predicts “Trump Will Win”, Says “The Federal Reserve Has Basically Given Up”

from Zero Hedge

In an interview posted on Swiss Finanz und Wirthschaft, Jeff Gundlach unleashes his deep ir, and in traditional style, offloads on both the Fed and all central banks, sayng that “negative interest rates are the dumbest idea ever“, adding that the Fed has given up both trying to normalize interest rates as well as trying to actually stimulate the economy:

What you see is that the same pattern has been in place since 2012: Hope for growth in the new year that ends up being revised downwards, over and over and over again. But now we have reached the point at which no one bothers anymore about the comedy of predicting 3% real GDP growth. Even nominal GDP growth isn’t probably going to be at 3% this year. Actually, nominal GDP is at a level that has historically been a recessionary level. It isn’t this time because the inflation rate is close to zero. But no one bothers anymore and the Federal Reserve has basically given up.

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