Fermat: The New Face of Free Markets

by Chris Campbell
Laissez Faire Books

Meet Fermat. The new face of free markets.

[…] Fermat is an open-source application platform which uses the blockchain and P2P technology. “At its very core,” Fermat
’s founder, Luis Fernando Molina, says, “Fermat is about freedom.

“The whole design orbits around the concept of users determining the level of privacy they prefer; whether they choose to have intermediaries or not; which currency they prefer to use and so on. Fermat was designed to empower an ‘Internet of People’ in contrast to a ‘Web of Companies’ and to advance the P2P era and economy.”

Fermat currently has over 60 full-time contributors working behind the scenes to create its envisioned “Internet of the People”: a marketplace free of central bankers, politicians, Flash Boys, and other market zombies.

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