Confessions of an Anti-Feminist

from Stefan Molyneux


Question: “I am a 27-year-old proud stay at home mother (with the thanks of Stefan’s shows on YouTube about the benefits). I was going to continue my career with a large company after my daughter’s birth, but came across Stefan’s shows on abandonment. I spoke with my husband and we both agreed we would change our lifestyle so that I could stay home. He found a better paying job because he has a STEM degree and we moved states, downsized our home and live on a budget.”

“One week after I gave birth we moved. I never have regretted our decision and am thankful for such a wonderful man who provides for me and our daughter.”

“Why do single mothers take zero responsibility for who they bring home around their children? Why do they blame the man and not themselves? To add on the topic why are stay at home mothers portrayed as having zero ambition and uneducated?”

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